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Cedar School Programs


The Seedling Room
Waddlers & To

Ages 15 months - 30 months
Children as young as 12 months may be enrolled if they are independently walking and self-feeding.

The waddler and toddler classroom's curriculum is implemented as a dynamic and integrated series of opportunities offered to children, encouraging them to discover new learnings as they strengthen relationships with their teachers and caregivers and connect meaningfully with their classroom community.

The Evergreen Room
Young Preschool


Ages 2+ - 3+

Children spend most of their time in experiential and hands-on activities, play, collaboration, and discussion. Teachers act primarily as facilitators as children’s interests and curiosities guide the curriculum and pedagogical focus. Given this age group's enthusiasm for posing questions, much time is spent helping them to find answers.

Girl with Acrylic Paints

The Canopy Room


Ages 3 - 4

Must be Potty Trained or Actively Potty Training

Children as young as 30 months may enroll if they meet the above criteria. 

In the Canopy Room, studies are approached with an emphasis on proposed theories, plans, understandings, and interpretations from many perspectives - including those of the child and their peers. Through projects, activities, play, and discussion, children become active negotiators, problem-solvers, and co-constructors of knowledge.

The Forest Room


Ages 4 - 6

Must be Potty Trained; Children May Be 3 + Years Old to Enroll in This Room if They Meet the Potty Trained Criteria and Have Been Enrolled in a Preschool Setting Successfully

The Pre-K classroom nurtures school readiness skills, which include cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development. The Forest Room foregrounds joy, creativity, belonging, and respect for one another, honoring each classroom member's contribution.

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